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Eitbit Tree is an application for handling and storing information in a tree format
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10 May 2009

Editor's review

A clear and interactive index forms a very crucial part of any business, as it offers your audience a prelude of the presentation. Not just this, a properly compiled index can even help you in distributing and cross-checking the work between your teammates and organizing the received documents accordingly. Well, if you try creating such index within your word file, etc, it would take a huge amount of time and waste much of your efforts. However, there’s an application that can help you create expandable tree form index easily and effectively. The application has been named Eitbit Tree 1.0 which lets you create tree form index or information tree as you require. It enables you to create several trees by providing you multiple tabs feature.

The Eitbit Tree 1.0 executes with an extremely simple interface console for creating the information or index tree. You can begin with forming new tree that opens a new tab for recording the index headings or information. Within the tabs you can work using the ‘Edit’ menu or right-click context menu options. Start by adding root of the tree by entering the desired information or title. Now, you add child to the root title and to the root child. For example, if you’ve entered Software as Root, and added Antivirus as Child, then you can even add a Child to Antivirus, or even further. The entire tree can be expanded or contracted for viewing information in desired manner. The added root and child entries can be renamed, cut, copied, pasted as Last child or Next sibling, or deleted. Further, the program support dragging and dropping tree branches to necessary position, undo/redo the actions anytime, and let you find you any title or information recorded within the tree. Moreover, you can save the tree to desired location or print them as PDF for your project or reports.

With the Eitbit Tree 1.0 software, you can comfortably create a tree-view project index, and information trees, etc. The application features an impressive set of options that aid you in forming information tree effectively, considering which it has been deservingly rated with 3.5 points.

Publisher's description

Eitbit Tree is an application for handling and storing information in a tree format.
Features of the application include:
* Tabs
* Cutting, copying and pasting of tree branches
* Dragging and dropping of tree branches
* Unlimited undo and redo levels
* Printing
The best thing is that Eitbit Tree is ad-funded so it does not cost you anything! When the application is executed, it will download two ads from Eitbit's website and display them in the status bar of the application.
Note! If you have Windows XP operating system, and you don't have Microsoft .Net Framework Version 2.0 or later installed, please download and install it from Microsoft's website.
Eitbit Tree
Eitbit Tree
Version 1.0
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